19' Bartender Boat Restoration

C17            Kayak

Original photos taken by previous owner

Side view of the Penguin

Cruising with nice trim

Original cockpit layout

Engine & motorwell w/ cover

Helm & bow access

Engine & motorwell

Initial changes to get her ready for fishing

Changed wheel & seats

Opened access to bow

Cleaned up unneccessary fittings

Lighter by over 100 lbs

Fishing at Tatoosh Island

Docked in Neah Bay

Repowering, new fuel tanks and cockpit restoration

Removed battery, tank & aft helm

Removed seats & sole

Cut deck beams & frame

Temperary tank placement

Rebuild motorwell for new OB,

removed transom & cut frame #9,

& shortened keelson for transom.

Will laminate new MW sides

to existing MW sides.

Cutout rotted area in frame #12.

New 2-1/4" thick transom.

Dry fit new motorwell ply

onto existing MW sides.

Large knee on transom.

Complete dry fit motorwell.

Glued, fastened, & fiberglassed,

also epoxy coated bottom ply.

Doubled gussets on each frame.

Front of cockpit

Secured spray rails w/ bolts.

Spray rail bolts inboard view.

Fuel tank installed

Deckbeams in place

Cleats on hull side for sole.

Hoisting engine

Temperary placement to fit

and mark motor mount holes.

How she looks w/ new OB.

OB hanging thru motorwell

OB hanging thru motorwell

Cut and fit ply for

cockpit sole.

Primed hull sides w/

System3 high build primer.

Everything below coated w/ epoxy

Engine bolted in

Battery, switch, filter & transducer

OB cabling & bilge vent

Fuel fill & vent hoses

Battery, switch, filter & transducer

Motorwell plug hold downs

Ready for trail run


What's happening in Neah Bay

Cruising, photo by Sandy C & BBB

Photo by Sandy C & BBB

Next restoration phase - Hull

Hull paint striped